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Methadone is one of the medications used for treating addiction to heroin and narcotic pain medicines. For over 50 years, methadone has helped millions of people recover from opioid drug addiction. Methadone is the medication with the longest history of use for opioid use disorder treatment, having been used since 1947.

Medication-assisted treatment with the use of methadone-based therapy shows significant improvements for a patient: better health, stable employment or education, better relationships with family and friends, and a return to feeling good about themselves again. If that sounds like what you want, then you are on the road to recovery.

Doses of methadone can be adjusted to meet the tolerance levels of any patient with opioid use disorder. When taken as prescribed, methadone is safe and effective.

When used properly, methadone helps individuals who struggle with heroin or prescription painkiller addiction to function normally in daily activities, abstain from taking illicit opioid drugs and manage their withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Some people may experience minor side effects, like sweating or constipation, when they start treatment. Over the course of a few days, these reactions typically stop or become less noticeable. A slight change in the dose of methadone may help these reactions to subside.

Millions of people have used and continue to use methadone as a treatment medication for opiate addiction. The large majority of patients in methadone maintenance treatment report the side effects as mild and bearable, and the hundred of thousands of people that take methadone on a daily basis is a testament to how well the people tolerate the medication.

When Taking Methadone…

  • Avoid consuming alcohol
  • Take only the recommended dose, as prescribed by your doctor
  • Store the medication at room temperature
  • Keep medication away from light sources

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